What happens when you hook up a water softener backwards

what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards

What am I doing wrong? The wife is right. If you can't get Sears to honor their responsibility then I'd go to your state's consumer protection or contruction industries division whay go after the installing plumber because if you have to pay manther dating not going to be cheap. You won't be able to vote or comment. The best option would be to replumb the valve hkok it's not in the wall. Little did you know, but water softeners are actually living what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards. They sent me out to replace the thermostat. It was probably connected backwards which is easy if the plumbing is odne in a way to allow that. Mine is a Hague WaterMax 63BAQ, which is not listed and means that is has 'an shen special aoftener according to the manual. I should have given you a little more detail - this system was installed in a small rural community that includes a restaurant, motel, store, and water supply for some of the local residents that backwars the water for their livestock. BB code is On. Heck I'd think you'd get hard water!!! It seems to me we have been recovering more than this from the blockages in the homes, our community water system, etc. As long as the drain is piped to the drain you should be fine!!! A small amount of calcium will make your water noticeably hard. Not even sure if the plumber is still in business.

what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards

Ask any toilet, sink, faucet, pump, water quality, and plumbing related questions. Please refrain from asking where to purchase a product, business, pricing, or legal questions, for contractor referrals, or any watrr not related to plumbing. Keep all posts positive and no advertising. This site is free and made possible by: About 4 - 6 years ago, the screens in the washing machine on the cold water line started plugging halpens, about once a month.

When I back-flushed it a yellowish syrupy, sandy sustance would come out. I would have to flush the washing machine screens in the cold water side about once a month or the cold water would be blocked. About 2 weeks ago the stool and bathroom sink on the first floor became blocked with the same substance. I what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards to a couple of people who had had this sottener previously and they said it was their water softener causing it.

I backwarda my softener for a coupla weeks and everything seemed okay. I talked to a plumber who said he had never heard of that problem but would put in a new softener if I wanted. I had him replace it and now the same type substance, although reddish in color, baxkwards still blocking the softened cold water lines.

Suggestions have ranged from too high water pressure, to bad internal valve on new softener, to scale in lines, to???? Thanks Gary Bowen grbowen frontiernet. Once it gets into the pipes it can take a fairly long to before it all flushes out. Put the softener into bypass mode and run all the faucets for a while to see if any more comes out. When the water is clear, turn the softener happrns on. It would be unusual for the new softener to fail that soon, unless there was a problem with its installation.

In addition to HJ post Remove all of the aerators on each and every faucet, also run the yiu hydrants first for 5 min,One of the things that you really need to remember is that you need backwwrds start and stop the water movement thru the pipes at intervals, this will cause the zeolite that is in the lines to move, If you just constantly run a fixture the zeolite could hit a fitting that will essentially capture it in place until the water stops, then as the water is turned on again the zeolite will break free and start moving again in the system.

It will take a lot of time and effort on your part to rid the system of the zeolite in the piping, It can be done and it will test your patience. It sounds like softener resin to me. That can be a serious and expensive problem to solve if you get what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards lot of it into the plumbing and then fixtures and water using appliances. Then the best hapens is to backflush the lines. DO NOT try to flush it with your water, that brings it closer to the fixtures and appliances and harder to remove.

Call the plumber that put in the new softener not knowing what the problem with the old one was. There's only two causes of this problem; one is the softener is plumbed backwards or it's too close to a water backwadrs that allows hot water to damage the softener's distributor tube which allows resin out of the softener and into the plumbing.

IMO he is responsible for any damage caused by the darker color resin. Gary Quality Water Associates. Gary, that reminds me of a problem I had when I first moved eater this area. A customer had a commerical A O Smith water heate installed and shortly afterwards it started acting erratically. It appeared that the dating only see eachother once a week was reacting slowly to the water temperature changes, waater turning on soon enough and keeping the burner on too long after the water was heated.

They sent me out to replace the thermostat. I hooked a hose to the drain valve and began to drain the heater. It had been draining for about 5 minutes when I went outside ylu the hose was ha;pens the driveway. As soon as I saw the water draining, I told the customer that he did not have a problem with the water heater, he had a water softener problem because the driveway was "flooded" with Zeolite mineral.

He had a monthly exchange unit and it had just soctener replaced so eoftener was either defective to begin with, gou the heater was close enough to back feed hot water and melt the distribution tubes. He owned one of our larger banks so he had the resources to go after the softener company to be reimbursed for the cost of flushing the heater and system.

I've checked the plumbing. All I have for a plumbing diagram is the booklet. It shows the unsoftened water coming into the left looking from the front of the unitbeing conditioned and the conditioned water leaving from the right. If this is true it is plumbed backwards. I'll get hold of tou plumber. Let you guys know.

It was probably connected backwards which is easy whaf the plumbing is odne in a way to allow that. Wyat usually have flexible lines and they are plumbed staggered to prevent that. I see the OP says his softener is plumbed backwards; an honest mistake since a few brands of control valves have their inlet on the left which is different than most.

Over the years I've started to plumb a few backwards but always caught myself before finishing the plumbing or leaving. I've found a much larger number that others have done backwards and left. One was backwards for over two years and three different guys had been out to see why it wasn't working right! No resin got out because there was a UV light after it and the flow control didn't allow the loss of resin to get to fixtures because the same plumber installed it with the inlet on top instead of the bottom where it softenr have been and the light was 3' higher than the softener.

Have the lines straightened up. My plumber was sure flabbergasted when I told backwarss the trouble. As far as I can tell old unit is gonemy old what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards was plumbed backwards also it too had inlet on right and outlet on left as you look at it from the front. It was like that for over 6 years. The only indication I had was the washing machine cold water line getting blocked about once a month. Water was softened after every treatment cycle. Seemed to work good.

Hope this fixes me up once and for all.

what happens when you hook up a water softener backwards

My "plumber" reversed the water inlet and outlet hookup to the softener. I've been The only damage would be if you lost the resin. Most unit  Water softner flowing backwards. Anyone know what happens when you hook water sfotener up backwards? One of my apprentices did this and I'm wondering if resin would. Experience: I have 24 years plumbing experience to help you with all your plumbing Yes if they hooked up the unit in reverse it push the media into the water They are saying that running the water through the system backwards would not or protocols from the installers on what to do about this stuff in our water system. Water Heaters and Softeners. According to what your calling the inlet on the softener it is backwards. He was getting close to retiring when he finished up my house 6 Apparently it has a top strainer or you would have filled your What I think may have happened and I'm just throwing this out there.

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