He forgot my birthday dating

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he forgot my birthday dating

WE are in business together and he texted me a few times the morning of my special he forgot my birthday dating to ask some work related questions. We talked about when we could see each other again. Am I making more out of this than I should? I'm just so disappointed and don't feel like talking to him for a while. That's more concerning than him forgetting your Bday in my opinion. Follow 3 Regardless of how this turns out, I hope you have a happy, healthy and love-filled year! ORG he forgot my birthday dating we actively monitor for copyright theft. What did he say when you talked about it? He texted me this morning with datimg mention of a birthday, just normal conversation.

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Journals Recent Entries Datijg Entries Best Journals He forgot my birthday dating List Search Journals. Community Dahing Members List. My boyfriend have almost been going out for a year mari el dating scams one of the first conversations we had before we even started going out was about our birthdays. We both have birthdays in June. When it came to his birthday, I went through a lot to get him a birthday present and go to see forgoot. I should add that we have a secret relationship, so it was a lot harder because I had to dodge my parents, get the present, hide the present, and go to his house to give it to him.

When it came to my birthday, I was nervous about whether he would remember or not and to my disappointment he proved me right I thought about whether I should be upset or not because when I found out that he forgot we were on the phone and it was the night before. We were talking about what we were going to do tomorrow he had off of work and he wanted to see me The conversation went like this: My parents are going to take me to the beach tomorrow. Why do you have to go forvot the beach with them?

Yes it was in fact going to be Saturday Me: He didn't hear me over the phone clearly and then he started to talk about something else, I wasn't going to let him though Me: I'm not keeping track Today's the 27th, so tomorrow is the 28th! Yes, what's on the 28th? The rest of the conversation was followed by: Because that would've been way overdramatic! I reminded him that I remembered his birthday.

He told me that he knows that he was making excuses, but that they are facts and slowly, but not carefully enough said That I remembered he forgot my birthday dating because " I don't do much. I want to think before I say things 2. Because I don't want to fight with him period, I don't think it's necessary we never fought before 3. We are technically long distance, I don't think it's good to argue over the phone Therefore, I said nothing about it and we continued a more light hearted conversation on Skype.

Yes, he did say happy birthday. We talked about when we could see each other again. We set the day. However, after talking to him like nothing happened, I don't think I got mari el dating scams point across that he hurt my feelings by datihg only forgetting, but also by disregarding what I did for him. My cousin suggested that Forgog give him the cold shoulder when I see him to let him forgor something is wrong, but after not seeing him for a while I don't think that's the best idea.

Plus, after just talking forvot each other like nothing happened, I don't know if it would just hd like I'm bipolar. I want to let him know how I feel but I have no idea how mari el dating scams bring it up or how to tell him! What should I do???? He's a good boyfriend overall and I don't get upset with him very easily or often, but this situation did bother me.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. No, don't give him the cold shoulder or play games. Mari el dating scams would just make things worse. Direct and considerate conversation is always the best. Also, cating people are just not good with dates. I have forgotten my frgot birthdays a datng times. I don't think it's a big deal and if he treats you well everyday, I think you should just attribute this mistake to human error.

EmptyinNV and iiiii like this. Some people are just not good with dates. Some people don't give a rats about anniversaries. You might think that if birthdays are important to you then he should remember anyway - but it just doesn't work like that. You absolutely have every right to tell him you're upset. But then if you want to keep him, also take some responsibility yourself for making it go more smoothly next year.

Next year, remind him it's your birthday a month out. And then write it on his calendar. If he STILL misses the date, then you've got the right to get pissy. Why do forrgot have to hide your relationship from your parents? That's more concerning than him forgetting your Bday in my opinion. Originally Posted by Eivuwan. Originally Posted by amaysngrace. Your cousin's advice is the worst. Communication is what you want to go for.

Asking him 23 times for the date lands in the same category. As for being upset. If the answer is yes, then forgive him, and move on. Last edited by Elle; 1st July at Daging for one, dating culture in indonesia he is a good bigthday, as I mentioned I'm actually more upset over what he said afterwards and I agree with you: I know better then to follow her advice, that's why I'm here. I could've sworn you had birthdsy question maybe you edited your post but that story is in another thread in forhot profile.

Last edited by GH3; 1st July at Did not write entire response. Originally Posted by GH3. Yeah, On my birthday I got over the "him forgetting" part, but what really hurt was that he kind of told me that I only remembered his because I don't do much which I do. That's the only thing that still bothers me actually. He was probably so annoyed after being asked "What date it was" 17 times without you getting to the point Look, I forgott to set reminders on my phone for birthdays.

I'm horrible birthda birthdays and names. Next time get to the point and avoid he forgot my birthday dating this annoyance. Mari el dating scams not the best look gorgot him to forget, either way. Are you sure this is only about a birthday? The fact that you are comparing what you did for him versus what you expected You may need to evaluate yourself, him and the relationship as a whole.

mari el dating scams

When it came to my birthday, I was nervous about whether he would telling me that he wasn't paying attention to the date, that he thought it  Forgotten birthday, ignore him?. I can actually get over the fact he forgot my birthday. If you've been dating this guy for several months then yes a suggestion to go out on a. Ok, so it is (or was recently) your birthday and your main man totally forgot. I bet you're wondering what that means about how he feels about. The guy I'm dating didn't remember it was my birthday today. it was your birthday and chances are he genuinely forgot and he 'll make it up to.

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