Dating kpop games

dating kpop games

Style Start Datinv Screen. TAKEONE Company released the game with the objective to provide fans a real-life dating experience with a K-pop idol, where real-life video is used throughout the game so that fans could feel like they were truly in a relationship with Gongchan. Who People K Pop Dramas Korean The O'jays Forward. Most Popular Funny Games. And then it REALLY hits you About In The News Careers Academy. That could literally save you thousands. Continue with Google Continue. According to the CEO of TAKEONE, he was curious as to what it would dating kpop games like to date someone as popular and attractive as a K-Pop star; thus, fueling his ideas for such a game. Already a Wattpad member? Bigbang Vip Daesung Fantastic Baby Big Bang Kdrama K Pop Bangs Chang'e 3 Album Forward. Sandara Park Takes Off Her Make Up Completely On Camera. Big Hit CEO confesses BTS was dating kpop games because of this one member. All the nerves in your body freeze up. Processing, Please hold on So, I'll just help them for a little bit or datnig. It takes a minute for it to sink in. You were in such a hurry to get to the set this morning, you ushered her out of the house before either of you had breakfast. By signing up, you agree that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

dating kpop games

Oh wait, dating kpop games game. This is THE BIGBANG DATING GAME!!! Who's your BIGBANG soulmate? If you missed out on Part 1 and wanna join in the fun, click the link here: I apologize, but you'll have to wait to find out what your selection means. Your music video choice is VERY important, so remember it. You'll need to know it later on in the game. Is this for real? You check the envelope and sure enough it's post marked with the words Korean Post; Seoul, South Korea.

You hinge dating app los angeles the contest months ago and thought you didn't have a chance in hell at winning, but here you are, holding the letter in your hand. It takes a minute for it to sink in. YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN A BIGBANG MUSIC VIDEO!!! You're so excited you could pee. You start running around the house, daying at the top of your lungs, dancing like the fangirl you are.

After regaining a little dating kpop games, you finish reading all the details. Turns out the video is being shot dating kpop games your city, one week from today. They gave you a date, time and location to show up and special wristbands for you and a guest. You're alarm sounds at 4am the morning of the music video shoot. You look at the clock in disgust and hit the snooze button She's less than amused at your enthusiasm.

She's not a big Kpop fan, but she puts up with your fangirling and will watch Kdramas with you not like she has a choice. You're out of bed now with a whole lot of extra pep in your step. You rip the blankets off her and jump on the daring. Knowing you, you're bound to fall and I'll have to go dating mastery myself.

The car pulls up to a lot filled with trailers, trucks and vans parked in it. There are large cables datinf all over the place. A man in a yellow security vest approaches and asks for your IDs. As you get out of the car you check your hair dating kpop games the mirror and adjust the cute new outfit you bought especially for today. It's still dark out. You do your best to follow the directions the security guard gave you.

It took a little bit of hap-hazard wandering but you found dating kpop games check in koop. They direct you to hair and dating kpop games up, then after that you're whisked away to the wardrobe tent. The outfit they have for you is far superior to the one you're wearing. The gqmes has come up by the time you've finished with the wardrobe people. It seems like chaos all around. There are people moving in every direction, carrying props, pushing carts hung with costumes.

Lights are being set up and what appears to be last minute set painting is happening. Everyone is either talking on a walkie talkie or has one strapped to their belt. You suddenly feel rather small and are completely lost as to what you're supposed to be doing or where you should go. Thankfully, your bestie is a bit of a film nut and has spotted the Krafty tent catering. You were in such a hurry to get to the set this morning, you ushered her out dating kpop games the house before either of you had breakfast.

Needless to dating kpop games you are both starving. The array of delicious pastries, fresh fruit, bagels and cereal is a sight you've never quite seen before. There's even an omelette bar. You pile up your plate and grab a hot chocolate from the beverage table. It takes you a few minutes to find a spot at a table. You're happily dating kpop games down when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror at the side of the tent.

You see dating kpop games all dolled up like that and suddenly the realization hits you. I'M GOING TO BE IN A MUSIC VIDEO WITH MY IDOLS!!! Yes, this IS REAL! And then it REALLY hits you I don't know how to act! What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to have a script or something. You don't want to look like a fool in front of BIGBANG.

Gwmes BFF's confidence is comforting, but you seriously doubt your own abilities. And that's when a man with a walkie approaches you. He's basically the person who'll make sure you're where you need to be when you need to be and can answer any questions you might have. He escorts the two of you to the set where you're briefed on the storyline and what you're going to do. You've now been on set 3 hours and you have yet to see any glimpse of BIGBANG. The anticipation is getting to you.

You spend a good ga,es minutes taking pictures. And that's when you notice dating kpop games The members of your favorite band are directly in front of you and they're heading your way. Dating kpop games the nerves in your body freeze up. You're not sure you can keep it together. Miss bestiepants bows in response. You're frozen, but she's there to save you, reaching her hand out to gently push you on the back.

Seungri introduces himself as do the rest of the members. You shake hands with each of them, dying inside, but you try to play it cool. They start asking you questions and goof around a little. This helps you feel more at ease around them. Turns out they are super cool. TOP and GD were the quietest around you, but you're not surprised. Ggames figure TOP would rather dating kpop games looking at art or kpo; then entertain another fan. And as for GD, you know he's shy, especially around people he doesn't know, and he surely doesn't dating kpop games you.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun. As time passed, you became more and more comfortable with each of dating kpop games members and them with you even TOP and GD. You mostly sat on benches and walked down the street as the guys danced around you. Easy, just like Taeyang said. At the dating kpop games of the day they took a few minutes to sign some swag for you and take pictures with you and your friend.

Wanna know what happens next? Are you wondering who your BIGBANG soulmate is? Then, you know what time it is Make sure daying comment your color choice below. Stay tuned for Part 3 on Monday I know, I know, but I work 30 hours vames the next two days, so it's just going to have to wait. Home Popular Log in. You're the next contestant on the BIGBANG PRICE IS RIGHT!!! The rules are simple: Yesterday, I asked you to choose from a list of BIGBANG dating kpop games videos.

dating kpop games

kpop dating: Play free online games includes funny, girl, boy, racing, shooting games and much more. Whatever game you are searching for, we've got it here. Check out this kpop dating sim game! Nichkhun, G Dragon, Kim Hyun Joong and Kyuhyun are in it. You can talk, date and marry them. TOP is in the game too. Your task in this sim dating game is to practice your dating skills by dating boys in a virtual world before you sing at your own concert. You have 30 days to spend. The game will be a romance simulator, in which Gongchan appears as to provide fans a real-life dating experience with a K-pop idol, where.

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